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Gourmet cuisine from the

Gourmet cuisine from the steam oven – recipes for the BORA X BO Four Michelin-star chefs take cooking and baking in the steam oven to a whole new level! Johann Lafer, Andreas Senn, Cornelius Speinle and Eckart Witzigmann reveal their best recipes for the BORA X BO flex oven and guarantee top-class culinary indulgence thanks to their creative and diverse flavour combinations. More information about the cookbook:

BORA multi-drawer highlights Design The BORA multi-drawer’s scaled-down ‘All Black’ design focuses on the bare essentials. You have two choices for the handleless front: either you adapt its look to your existing kitchen units so that it blends seamlessly into your kitchen architecture or you use the BORA glass front, which has the same elegant design as the BORA X BO. Simple cleaning All of the BORA multi-drawer’s surfaces are easy to access and therefore quick to clean. The sophisticated design has no sharp edges or joints, so everything is sparkling clean again in a flash. Best materials Best quality: the BORA multi-drawer is exclusively made with carefully selected materials. The refined metal components and black glass base ensure durability and robustness. All workmanship is of the highest quality, so you can enjoy your BORA multi-drawer for many years to come!


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