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BORA X BO Product overview XBO X BO steam oven XBORS X BO frame spacer XBOGF X BO odour filter XBORK X BO cleaning cartridge XBOBGR X BO oven rack XBOUB X BO universal tray XBOUBT X BO universal deep tray XBOGBG X BO perforated stainless steel tray

Perfect dishes at the push of a button The BORA X BO uses pre-set programmes to make cooking easier. The automatic programmes use the optimum temperature, cooking time and amount of steam for the respective food types or dishes (for four portions). With certain programmes, a controller can be used to customise the suggested settings for the degree of browning and done level (e.g. hard/al-dente/soft). The programmes can also be modified and saved under a new name.


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