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BORA multi-drawer highlights Simple operation Simply tap the user-friendly touchscreen to select the desired programme from the pre-sets – or set the temperature and heating duration individually. If networked with a BORA X BO, the BORA multi-drawer can also be controlled via its display. Top performance / Best cooking results The BORA multi-drawer’s presets make it extremely versatile: you can use it to pre-heat plates and dishes, cook at low temperatures, regenerate or defrost food, or simply to keep meals warm. When using the deeper version of the BORA multi-drawer, you can even work on two levels, helping you perfectly conjure up even demanding menus! BORA multi-drawer accessory: shelf rack The BORA shelf rack can be used to heat up food that requires a lower temperature than the dishes heated on the BORA multi-drawer’s heated glass base. Perfect for heating baby food, marinating dishes or for meals that you want to serve warm rather than hot!

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