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BORA Magazine 02|2021 - English

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Left: Available in five additional colours, the air inlet nozzles set design standards in the kitchen. What’s more, they can also be easily interchanged. Below: The newly developed, central sControl operating panel is highly intuitive, meaning that all functions are literally at the user’s fingertips. BORA Pure – a trademark of your kitchen. The name says it all. BORA Pure stands for puristic, simple, minimalist design. A true design highlight, it will blend in perfectly with your kitchen. It can be customised so you can add your own personal touch, as you can select the colour of the air inlet nozzle according to your colour preferences. Choose from five additional shades – greige, orange, red, jade green or blue – and decide which colour fits best in your home. And if you ever want to change your kitchen’s colour scheme, you can replace the air inlet nozzle with a different-coloured one in just a few simple steps. A compact size for small kitchens BORA Pure won’t just win you over with its appearance, but with its functionality too. For example, the power level of the cooktop extractor automatically adjusts to current cooking conditions. Manual adjustment is naturally still possible but is no longer necessary. This means that you can focus fully on your passion – preparing delicious meals. Thanks to the optimum airflow and extremely quiet fan, the cooktop extractor works so silently that you can hear every sizzle or hiss – if you’re not in the middle of an animated conversation with your guests in the kitchen, that is. What’s more, the system is available as an exhaust air or recirculation model, which will impress you with its low appliance height of under 20 centimetres. The integrated filter unit in the recirculation model leaves maximum storage space in the base unit, which is particularly advantageous in smaller kitchens. The usual shortening of drawers in the case of a recirculation system is not necessary. BORA MAGAZINE 47


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