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BORA Magazine 02|2021 - English

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Willi Bruckbauer,

Willi Bruckbauer, developer and founder of BORA, announces several innovative new products – for even greater enjoyment when cooking. 2 BORA MAGAZINE

EDITORIAL Welcome to the kitchen as a living space! The new comfort of cooking: this is what we are committed to in an era in which the kitchen is increasingly becoming the centre of our lives. It is the place where real life happens – and this is something we are all noticing more clearly than ever. We not only cook and experiment here, but also laugh, celebrate and dine. It is also a place that many people are newly furnishing. Here at BORA, we have supplied more products than ever, as great quality and design are at the top of people’s wish lists for their cookers. We would like to thank you for the enthusiastic way in which you have shared your feedback with us. BORA is rapidly developing from a cooktop specialist to a specialist in the kitchen as a living space. Our fans hope that our expertise and love of innovation will help us triumph with new ideas and surprise both our distribution partners and private BORA enthusiasts worldwide. In this regard, it is all about one thing for us: pleasurable cooking experiences! To achieve these, we have revolutionised the kitchen industry. We transform kitchens into genuine living spaces and work around the clock on pioneering developments. After all, creativity is in greater demand than ever. BORA will soon deliver an abundance of product innovations. And we do not just want these to be new, but to set the pace. With a Flex oven with an integrated steamer, an extractor and a self-cleaning function: BORA X BO is the epitome of innovation. Or with the new BORA S Pure compact system, which fits into any 60-centimetre carcase. And a multi-drawer that will soon appear on the market for the first time. All of these things will be illuminated by minimalist BORA lights for perfectly positioning the lighting above the cooktop. A genuine explosion of ideas, covered for the first time by this magazine. Of course, we will also entice you back into the world of BORA: chefs like Andreas Senn reveal which music inspires them when cooking – from deep house to classical. The history of the ‘Moka Express’ from the cult brand Bialetti excites more than just passionate baristas. Join us in taking a look over the shoulder of photographer Karine Candice Köng as she creates her dream home on France’s Atlantic coast. And dream about your next city break, which may even lead you to Copenhagen and the unconventional hotel designed by Danish entrepreneur Lennart Lajboschitz. What’s more, the pros in the BORA – hansgrohe team reveal their rave European routes for all those who, like us, are magnetically drawn to cycling. Yours, Willi Bruckbauer BORA MAGAZINE 3


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