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BORA Magazine 02|2021 - English

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EXPERIENCE COOKING & MUSIC With two Michelin stars and four toques, the top Austrian chef is committed to innovative, light cuisine. In May 2020, the SENNS. Restaurant opened in a former foundry in Salzburg with a new interior and gastronomic concept: as a homage to the past, the final bell that was cast here hangs above the tables. A further highlight is the open kitchen with a BORA system, positioned right in the heart of the restaurant. This enables guests to literally look over the shoulder of the 41-yearold as he works. Do you and your team listen to music while working? Of course, all day. ANDREAS SENN All about deep house When COOKING ▸ The White Stripes Seven Nation Army (rock) ▸ Tep No Me And My Guitar (electronic) ▸ Master KG Jerusalema (Afro house) When EATING ▸ Nora en Pure All I Need (electronic) ▸ Worakls Salzburg (electronic) ▸ Disciples On My Mind (house) Do you sing along loudly? No, deep house is usually playing in the background. We’ve got various playlists. The only exception is when I’m trialling new dishes. Then I need absolute silence. What music do you recommend for a meal in a restaurant and what music for a leisurely dinner with friends? The right music is as important for a meal as the right lighting. It has to fit the setting. Deep house as background music is always uncomplicated. And what’s your personal best-of soundtrack? I like music that’s fun and puts you in a good mood, but that isn’t too loud. Andreas Senn’s new restaurant is located in a former bell foundry: those who want to can watch him cooking

COOKING & MUSIC EXPERIENCE FLORIAN KAMINSKI Feel-good playlist The 25-year-old from Berlin is an Instagram influencer, cookbook author and the founder of ‘Foodoholic’, an online magazine with a healthy eating app. His dishes are characterised by everyday, easy-to-follow recipes, all in line with the motto: ‘Eat better, not less!’ Photos: Lukas Jahn, Andreas Kolarik, Foodoholic/Florian Kaminski Do you associate any of your favourite dishes with a specific song? Yes, homemade Neapolitan pizza with ‘Funiculì Funiculà’. In private, I’ve even danced around the kitchen to it while waiting for a pizza to cook on a stone. Do you always listen to music while cooking? Not always. In situations where there is a lot to do and stress levels are high, I turn the music down to help me concentrate. When things are more relaxed, on the other hand, music is almost always playing in our test and production kitchen. “I best like music that’s relatively consistent and techno or house-like.” FLORIAN KAMINSKI What exactly? Usually ‘Your mix of the week’ or my ‘favourites’ on Spotify. It can sometimes be amusing as you suddenly find yourself listening to songs like ‘Zucker im Kaffee und Zitrone oder Sahne in den Tee’ or ‘Griechischer Wein’. Do you like singing along? I best like music that’s relatively consistent, techno or house-like and has a cheerful vibe. However, that also always depends on where exactly I’m cooking at the time. I only start singing once I’ve reached a certain level of intoxication with good friends. As I rarely drink alcohol though, it doesn’t happen very often. What music do you play during a leisurely dinner with friends? Ibiza lounge music or jazz. It depends on the type of dinner. For years, I’ve held a Christmas dinner for my former sports team: we play all sorts late into the night, just not lounge music. When COOKING ▸ Ben Stereomode Secrecy (house) ▸ Tash Sultana Notion (indie) ▸ Marwa Loud Fallait Pas (pop rap) When EATING ▸ Overture Black Mandala (dance electronic) ▸ Tube & Berger, Alegant Cure (dance electronic) ▸ Tash Sultana Jungle (indie) BORA MAGAZINE 17


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