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BORA Magazine 02|2021 - English

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EXPERIENCE COOKING & MUSIC What do this fish butty and Udo Lindenberg have in common? The wow factor! What does a fish butty SOUND like? Music is a source of inspiration, a guaranteed mood lightener and an important everyday companion – including for top chefs and food experts. Here, they reveal their favourite songs. Interviews: AYLA AMSCHLINGER, ANNA KAROLINA STOCK 14 BORA MAGAZINE

MAXIMILIAN LORENZ Hip-hop preferred! As a teenager, the Michelin-star chef even liked to make his own hip-hop music. Today, he owns the fine dining restaurant ‘maximilian lorenz’ by Cologne cathedral. The 30-year-old prepares new and flavoursome German cuisine to the sounds of the hip-hop groups Blumentopf and Freundeskreis. But not exclusively so: Lorenz is also a fan of Italo-pop à la Eros Ramazzotti – especially when making his favourite dish: spaghetti Bolognese. Photos: Eva Runkel, Maximilian Lorenz, Valéry Kloubert Cooking is creative work – done with all the senses for all the senses. Which music goes with it? It depends whether I’m cooking in private or professionally. During service, the music is switched off as we need the utmost concentration. When doing the prep work – the ‘mise en place’ – it’s a different case though. I’ve appointed my staff member with the ‘best’ music taste (i.e. the taste closest to mine) as the kitchen DJ. So what does your kitchen DJ play? I love listening to German music and can go mad for some of the old stuff by Max Herre, Blumentopf or Freundeskreis. I’m partial to a bit of Sido or Johannes Oerding too. What happens when friends come for meals? I’m a great fan of jazz, soul, chill-out and club music. What matters is a decent beat: your head nods along but the music isn’t so powerful that it impairs conversation. Can music affect food so much that it improves the way a dish tastes? I’ve only ever felt that way about Italian music and Italian food. The two things fit like a glove. Of course, only if the sun is shining and you’re eating a homemade Vitello tonnato washed down with a fine glass of Sauvignon Blanc from South Tyrol while listening to Eros Ramazzotti or Giovanni Zarrella – it’s like a mini break in Italy. You’ve completely reinvented the German fish butty. What music does that bring to mind for you? Udo Lindenberg. From the outside, it looks very special, but when you bite into the fish butty, you know: “That’s it. It should never have been any different.” You get the same wow effect when Udo Lindenberg starts singing. When COOKING ▸ Vinylshakerz One Night In Bangkok (techno/electro house) ▸ Snap! The Power (Eurodance) ▸ SDP feat. Weekend Tanz aus der Reihe! (hip-hop) When EATING ▸ Buena Vista Social Club Chan Chan (son Cubano) ▸ Max Herre A-N-N-A (hip-hop) ▸ Eros Ramazzotti Più Bella Cosa (pop) BORA MAGAZINE 15


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