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BORA Magazine 02|2019 – English

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Art is very important to

Art is very important to Rachel Richmond. She came across this horse sculpture in Oxfordshire, where she lived previously. Rachel Richmond and her husband Adrian chose the artwork in the house together. Elsewhere, he‘s trusted her to add her personal design style.

HOME STORY EXPERIENCE comes into its own when she cooks with it. ‘I’m a very tidy cook. I’m not messy in the kitchen at all. I like to wash up as I go along! There’s normally only plates to wash up when a meal is finished!’ Rachel’s house is designed in such a way that the guest room and TV room are on the ground floor near the kitchen. The middle floor is reserved for mum and dad and the top floor is the kids’ domain. On the whole, the Scottish decorator has respected the original features of the house, but has added her own touch. ‘With all design I look for simplicity. I like clever space planning,’ says Rachel, who worked in the publishing and TV sector before this job. Rachel and her husband Adrian always choose the striking works of art that can be found around the house together. Otherwise, he gives her free rein as far as design is concerned. Her time-honoured home is the best advert for the famous interior designer’s versatile but unmistakeable style. Rachel Richmond (left),shown here with friend Xante Wier, has opted for the BORA Classic 2.0 system. BORA MAGAZINE 71


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