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BORA Magazine 02|2019 – English

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‘Cooking is an

‘Cooking is an exchange, a social event. I see it as my task to show people how to enjoy it.’ THOMAS FABER Photo, left: Hunger & Simmeth GmbH 64 BORA MAGAZINE

INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE You also offer cooking and grilling courses. Are there any mistakes in meat handling that you come across time and again? Yes, it’s always the same old story: seasoning after cooking. This is absurd. No more flavour can get into the meat once its cooked. The heat binds the protein and the meat is sealed. I season it with high-quality salt and white pepper before grilling. Then the meat can be refined with fresh pepper or olive oil. While we’re on the subject, another error... putting the meat on the grill straight from the fridge. It’s important to give it some time to get up to room temperature. little meat on those days, following the traditional, tried and tested nutrition model. In the past there was the Sunday roast. In other words, Sunday was when the best cuts of meat were served up, the days of the week were for the simpler parts of the animal or meat-free meals like potatoes with quark from time to time. You use BORA systems in your kitchen. What do you like about them? I like to work with partners who are top players in their segment, who understand how to combine a trade with modern technology and lifestyle. And BORA does that perfectly. Left: The meat sommelier and entrepreneur appreciates the perfection of the BORA system. Below: Thomas Faber doesn’t just appear at cooking events, he also gives cooking and grilling courses at his restaurant (MEAT)ING ROOM. As a meat sommelier, do you eat meat every day? Although I work with meat every day, I have one or two meat-free days a week or eat very BORA MAGAZINE 65

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