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BORA Magazine 02|2019 – English

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EXPERIENCE INTERVIEW ‘I want meat to have the appreciation it deserves once again.’ THOMAS FABER What are the qualities of a good piece of meat? It all starts with the breed, genetics and species-appropriate husbandry. The feed also plays a role, as do the way the animal is slaughtered, and how the meat is matured and finally prepared. It is my aim to re-establish a symbiosis between farmers, butchers and consumers. Today we are used to all kinds of meat being constantly available, but I’ve trained my customers to come to me and ask, “What have you got today?” I don’t have every cut in stock every day because that much meat is often not even available in the quality that I like to offer. Photo: Anna M. Leonard, agriculturalist 62 BORA MAGAZINE

You work closely with agriculturalist and conservationist Anna M. Leonard, who rears Dexter cattle. Yes, that’s a small breed that grows slowly and the animals aren’t normally slaughtered until they’re six years old or over. Something that consumers need to bear in mind is that many cows are slaughtered when they’re just one and a half years old. At that point they weigh up to 400 kilos. That means that they must put on considerable amounts of weight every day. This doesn’t happen through kind words and affection, but tethered housing and intensive feeding. We, on the other hand, want to show that it is possible to keep animals in ethical conditions and at the same time produce topquality meat. I want meat to have the appreciation it deserves once again. What do you say to the eternal bone of contention: grilled or roast? As a rule I prefer to grill a good piece of meat rather than roast it. In the professional kitchen not over a charcoal grill of course but on a Tepan grill, for example. The advantage of this is that the heat comes into direct contact with the meat. It has the necessary power for the meat to become really aromatic. High temperatures are essential, but the meat also needs to rest during the preparation stage. Left: The meat sommelier and entrepreneur is one of the last Bavarian Royal Warrant holders. Above: Thomas Faber works closely with a local agriculturalist who rears Dexter cattle. It is important to him that the animals are kept in ethical conditions. BORA MAGAZINE 63


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