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BORA Magazine 02|2019 – English

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The MEAT maestro Text


INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE Thomas Faber is a professional chef, gastronome and manager of a fine food company. And for two years he has also been referred to as a ‘meat sommelier’. There are only 24 hours in his day just like ours, but you wouldn’t believe it if you saw everything he did. The 42-year-old father belongs to the fourth generation to run the family business Faber Feinkost in Bad Kissingen. As well as appearing at cooking events and giving seminars, he runs a wholesale business, butcher’s and fine foods shops and his own steak house. With his innovative (MEAT)ING ROOM, Thomas Faber has fulfilled a lifelong dream. What is the concept behind the (MEAT)ING ROOM in Bad Kissingen? Our business has been up and running for 120 years. We are one of the last Bavarian Royal Warrant holders in this profession. I wanted to create a nice place in which we could bring our tradition as a trade into the 21st century. Our aim is to show what happens when good raw materials, extensive know-how and modern technology come together. You’re a meat sommelier. What does that mean exactly? You could think of it as a wine sommelier, except that instead of wine, I show our customers the finer side of meat. Besides the well-known rump, fillet and sirloin, there are many other interesting cuts. Such as? I personally love flank steak, one of the juiciest, most aromatic and tender parts of the cow. Highly versatile. But I would also recommend Irish Tomahawk steak. BORA MAGAZINE 61


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