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BORA Magazine 02|2019 – English

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BORA system A complete system from the extractor right down to the wall sleeve. Everything from a single source for more quality down to the last detail. 50 BORA MAGAZINE

PRODUCT BORA SYSTEM To ensure that your BORA system works like clockwork, we offer you a range of perfectly suited accessories. We see it as our duty to think of everything and constantly improve. BORA cooktop BORA duct system + + + BORA cooktop extractor BORA silencer + BORA fan + + + BORA air purification boxes BORA wall sleeve The best proof of BORA’s outstanding sense of innovation and individualism is our specially developed duct system BORA Ecotube and the BORA 3box wall sleeves. Now a system is available that perfectly meets the high standards required with regard to effectiveness, ease of installation and flexibility. If you use only BORA components in your BORA system, we grant you a 100% functional guarantee of optimum performance, effectiveness and quietness. BORA Ecotube an air duct system for every challenge. Regardless of where you install your air duct, on the kitchen floor or along the cellar ceiling, the BORA Ecotube offers optimum functionality and promises uncompromising performance. Compared to conventional duct systems, the BORA Ecotube boasts considerable advantages, e.g. 20% less pressure loss thanks to optimised flow and smooth surfaces, a unique sealing concept and easy installation. The BORA 3box wall sleeve rounds off the extraction system perfectly as it boasts excellent heat insulation properties, watertightness even against driving rain and extremely low pressure resistance. It goes without saying that all of the materials used meet the requirements of fire protection class V0 and material class B1. BORA is a system provider and specialist. We focus exclusively on cooktops and cooktop extractor systems. We see our solutions as systems and we think in terms of systems. We start with the cooktop, which is perfectly tailored to the cooktop extractor, then we combine both elements to begin our planning process. The ducts, motors, filters and even the wall sleeves are all part of the same application. We also deal with all of your cooking and ventilation requirements, from the extractor right down to the wall sleeve. Our air purification boxes take health issues into account and are part of our day-to-day responsibility. BORA MAGAZINE 51


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