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BORA Magazine 02|2019 – English

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Below: The flush

Below: The flush installation of the cooktops allows for modern, minimalist integration into the kitchen design whilst preventing the build-up of dirt. extractor boasts an innovative touch-control concept that has recently been revised and further optimised. Thanks to the touch-operated round slider, you can keep a clear eye on all cooking zones and the round extractor and can operate a large cooktop measuring 830 x 515 mm. The cooking zones have also been further enlarged to now offer 20 to 50 % more cooking area than similar systems, making them ideal even for small kitchens. Two large pots or pans can sit behind one another on the BORA surface induction cooktop. Customers with even less kitchen space can opt for the BORA Basic version measuring just 760 x 515 mm. Even in this slightly smaller version, the cooktop still offers all the BORA advantages, i.e. it is efficient and quiet just like all of the other systems. We have the right product for every customer, depending on their personal requirements and wishes. In line with this principle, the BORA Basic air inlet nozzle is also available as an accessory in a completely black design the All Black Edition. The air inlet nozzle’s premiumquality stainless steel elements have been 46 BORA MAGAZINE

BORA BASIC PRODUCT Right: The BORA Hyper glass ceramic cooktop gives you enough space for two large pots or pans one behind the other or a roaster. further refined with a special coating that is also used in the fields of medicine and engine technology. In addition to creating a timelessly elegant black, matt design, the additional surface treatment also improves the durability as well as the wear and scratch resistance. Not only can BORA Basic customers choose between flush and surface-mounted versions, but they can also opt for a brushed stainless steel cooktop frame. This offers extra protection for surface-mounted cooktops, particularly in smaller kitchens where work space is restricted. Exhaust air or recirculation once again, the choice is yours. Storage space is often in great demand, especially in smaller kitchens, and can be further optimised by selecting a recirculation system. You don’t have to forgo any wall units because of an extractor hood, and BORA Basic hardly takes up any space in the floor unit. The air is filtered and cleaned by the activated charcoal filter, then returned to the room through an opening in the floor unit. Simply and quietly. BORA MAGAZINE 47

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