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BORA Magazine 02|2019 – English

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PRODUCT BORA BASIC BORA Basic different products for different users. Optimised to meet the demands of modern kitchen planning. 44 BORA MAGAZINE

Below: Everything under control with the innovative, central touchoperated round slider. Left: BORA Basic with All Black air inlet nozzle the perfect combination of functionality and an elegant colour scheme. A strong pair: we have combined a powerful cooktop and an effective cooktop extractor to create an attractive system. With its unconventional design and intuitive power electronics, BORA Basic makes you want to experience kitchens in a whole new way. Various sizes and functions offer alternatives for every kitchen, depending on the dimensions and layout of the room. BORA Basic is an all-rounder offering bigger, more attractive cooking zones, quieter operation, easy cleaning and optimum interior design with the added advantage of great space-saving options for smaller kitchens. BORA Basic the perfect introduction to highend kitchen culture and design. Enjoy fresh air while cooking and regain freedom when planning your kitchen. The BORA design with its timeless appearance and functional material quality offers a discreet highlight in your kitchen based on the excellent performance of the actual product. BORA has fundamentally changed the design and function of kitchens, turning them into joint cooking and living areas and providing an attractive stage for modern kitchen design. Different products for different users: the BORA Basic surface induction cooktop with integrated BORA MAGAZINE 45


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