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BORA Magazine 02|2019 – English

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Willi Bruckbauer looks

Willi Bruckbauer looks optimistically towards a future in which BORA will continue to set standards with its countless innovations. 2 BORA MAGAZINE

EDITORIAL ‘In the beginning I felt like a missionary...’ More than a decade has passed since I set out to develop the perfect extractor. Why did I do it? The customers at my kitchen studio asked time and again if there was a more attractive alternative to conventional extractor hoods. These hoods were becoming more and more of a nuisance: hanging over the cooker, they were far too ineffective, bulky and dated. So I started to tinker. I’m a carpenter. In the beginning it was mainly out of curiosity but also the ambition to make kitchens a more attractive and enjoyable place. I felt like a missionary. Nobody believed that my project would succeed. I entitled it “The end of the extractor hood”. What was devised with zeal and élan proved with the passing of time to actually be a fitting term. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that our products made a bold entrance into the kitchen market and changed it for the long term. Today, BORA sells its innovative products in over 60 countries around the world. It has rapidly become a synonym of quality, design and effectiveness in the kitchen a classic, the original. Our mission is still to stay one step ahead with our innovations. This is what spurs us on. In our research lab, talented engineers work around the clock on innovations that are subjected to rigorous testing. This year we have made an impact on the market with two new products that have both already received the renowned iF Design Award, Red Dot Award and Plus X Award. But most importantly: there really is a BORA system for every kitchen. We always place great importance on quality, effectiveness and a characteristic design. Different requirements and lifestyles demand different products. For this reason, with BORA Pure we now offer an innovation for everyone which can be tailored to different preferences, whilst being intuitive and easy to use. The maintenance is child’s play and you still have maximum room for storage. But that’s not all: we’ve also enhanced aspects of BORA Classic. With its compact design and optimised operating and control concept it sets current benchmarks. We showcased these products for the first time at the Cologne furnishing fair 2019. I hope we can infuse you with our enthusiasm for innovation and quality. In this edition, we’ll also be showing you our sporty side. Movement is a firmly anchored concept at BORA and through our sponsorship of the BORA hansgrohe cycling team it’s an integral part of our corporate culture. See our cycling team’s new recipes on page 72 where we create quick, creative and healthy dishes. Five minutes preparation time, five minutes cooking time ready! We like to act fast and stay on our toes. That’s the only way to optimise and redesign. We work with ambitious goals and we want to provide a service that is above average so that you as our customer are more than satisfied. Welcome to the world of BORA! Yours, Willi Bruckbauer BORA MAGAZINE 3


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