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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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BORA S Pure Design attractive and sophisticated Minimalist design with flush integration: the BORA S Pure is a win for every kitchen! The asymmetrical position of the extractor opening is particularly eye-catching, giving the cooktop an extraordinary and modern look further heightened by the discreet operating panel with intelligent lighting. Simple operation Only with BORA can things be this simple: the BORA S Pure can be easily operated by tapping or swiping the touch slider up or down. All key operating functions can be effortlessly accessed in just a few touches. Simple cleaning Thanks to the large, easily accessible extractor opening, all BORA S Pure parts that come into contact with cooking vapours can be simply removed for cleaning. What’s more, they take up little space in a dishwasher, so cleaning a cooktop extractor couldn’t be any more convenient! Automatic extractor control The extractor power level automatically adjusts itself to the cooktop usage. There is no need for constant manual adjustment, so users can fully focus on cooking. Integrated drip tray If anything is spilt while cooking, the integrated drip tray safely catches both solids and liquids. eSwap easy filter change In recirculation mode, odours are neutralised by a highly efficient activated charcoal filter. To make changing the filter easier, it can be accessed from the top through the air inlet opening, without removing drawers or plinth panels. Minimum volume Always markedly quiet even at high power levels: thanks to the optimum airflow and the use of an extremely quiet fan. There are no distractions when cooking and no interruptions when entertaining. Ultra-compact design The solution to all space issues: with its extremely compact dimensions, the BORA S Pure cooktop is the perfect choice for even the smallest of kitchens. It even fits in kitchen units with a width of just 60 cm. This opens up a whole new range of kitchen design options! Maximum storage space At under 200 mm, the low installation height and integrated recirculation unit guarantee maximum storage space for pots, pans and other kitchen utensils in the cupboard below. Even in 60-cm-deep kitchen units, no drawers need to be shortened in recirculation mode. A change from the norm. Best performance Sophisticated technology for top performance: thanks to the induction coils specially developed for BORA, the entire cooktop surface can be optimally used. The four cooking zones of different sizes can accommodate pots and pans of all conventional dimensions. What’s more, with its quiet fan, the extractor is barely audible even on high power. 12 PRODUCT OVERVIEW

BORA S PURE COOKTOP EXTRACTOR SYSTEMS PURSA/PURSU 580 x 515 mm S Pure induction cooktop with integrated cooktop extractor exhaust air/recirculation PUED Pure Air inlet nozzle, black PUEDR Pure Air inlet nozzle, red PUEDB Pure air inlet nozzle, blue PUEDO Pure air inlet nozzle, orange PUEDG Pure air inlet nozzle, greige PUEDJ Pure air inlet nozzle, jade green PUEDS Pure air inlet nozzle, sunshine yellow PUEDL Pure air inlet nozzle, light grey BKR580 Cooktop frame for width 580mm USL515 Side frame for a cooktop depth of 515 mm USL515AB All Black side frame for a cooktop depth of 515 mm PRODUCT OVERVIEW 13


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