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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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Top: Triumphant images:

Top: Triumphant images: Jai Hindley beats Bardet and Carapaz (left) to win the second mountain stage of the Giro up the Blockhaus peak. In the penultimate stage, Jai outcycles his opponent Richard Carapaz by almost a minute and a half, taking over the pink jersey, which he successfully defends during the final time trial in Verona (right). Below: The first Grand Tour victory at the Giro d’Italia is a dream come true, not just for Jai but also for BORA hansgrohe and BORA as a sponsor. 76 BORA MAGAZINE

CYCLING EXPERIENCE Giro d’Italia in another extremely tight finish. He became the first Australian to ever do so. As a young team that was founded in 2010 in the third division, it was also the most important victory to date for BORA hansgrohe. “I love the way we race”, says Jai. “Courageously, unconventionally, and everyone gives their all for everyone else. That’s what makes the team so strong.” For example, Jai’s Giro victory was supported by an excellent climber, the domestique Lennard Kämna, as well as his teammates Wilco Kelderman and Emanuel Buchmann. Photos: Luca Bettini, BORA hansgrohe, Sprint Cycling Agency He almost became a rugby player Let’s take a closer look at the 26 year-old top athlete who is 1.75 metres tall and weighs just 60 kilogrammes. In his early years, Jai was interested in rugby. His father, who was born in Britain and himself a former cyclist, wasn’t as keen and steered his petite son towards cycling instead. Jai entered his first cycling race at the age of seven and headed to Europe to compete in major races there at just 17. In 2016, Jai was signed by the Slovenian cycling team Attaque Team Gusto. It didn’t take long for his first successes, such as second place overall in the An Post Rás stage race and fifth place in the prestigious Tour de l’Avenir. Jai Hindley isn’t a brash man who loves the limelight. On the contrary, he’s quiet, polite and discreet. And extremely disciplined. He lives for cycling and is committed to it with his body and soul. “The fact that I’m paid to do the thing that I love the most makes my life simply perfect”, he enthuses. In addition to cycling for the team, Jai also has a connection to BORA in that he loves to cook and is good at it. “I simply prefer home-cooked meals”, he says. “They also enable me to carefully control my diet.” The top athlete and Taurus has a particular weakness for Italian food. Jai enriched cycling with a now legendary comment. At the Giro d’Italia, a reporter asked him about his prospects for winning overall victory. His answer: “I’m not here to put socks on centipedes.” For Jai, it’s enough to just slip on his own pair of racing socks. With his determination and ferocious discipline, the amicable Australian is sure to provide a few more pleasant surprises and original interview answers. BORA MAGAZINE 77


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