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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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EXPERIENCE DESIGN Above: Cooking with a view and what a view at that! The BORA Professional 3.0 in the marble kitchen island rounds off a luxuriously equipped kitchen that is every chef’s dream. Anyone who watches the American-Australian horror film ‘The Invisible Man’ won’t just find themselves captivated by the main protagonist Elisabeth Moss, but also by the second star of the blockbuster film: it has modern, black façades, a spacious floor plan and panoramic sea views. We’re talking about the award-winning ‘Dovecote’, a 60-hectare estate in the New South Wales hills that is available for rent just a stone’s throw from the surfing paradise of Werri Beach. The exposed headland location means that every room in the house offers breathtaking views but the property is also at the mercy of harsh storms. Two terraces invite you to chase the sun or protect yourself against the fierce winds. In addition to the luxurious amenities four king-size bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and a guest house there is also a ‘storm viewing room’ with floor-to-ceiling windows where you can watch every lightning strike from a comfortable distance while enjoying the warmth of the floating fireplace. The large copper louvres covering the entire western façade can be adjusted to any angle or fully opened to let in the light and the views. When the setting sun shines into the spacious living room, guests are treated to a spectacular show of dancing golden light. A further highlight of the 400-square-metre living area is the beautiful, open-plan kitchen with a BORA Professional 3.0 modular system. Guests can cook on two induction cooktops while enjoying the spectacular ocean view. When sitting at the dining table, you feel like you’re Photos: Declan Blackall Photography (2), Michael Nicholson (2) 72 BORA MAGAZINE

DESIGN EXPERIENCE Right: The rooms impress with their spacious designs; the courtyards are protected from the wind. Visible in the background: the floating fireplace. Below: The wood from local eucalyptus trees contrasts beautifully with the black aluminium façades. Left: An endless hilly landscape with the shimmering sea beyond. ‘Dovecote’ to the south of Sydney in New South Wales is available to rent. Above: The extravagant architecture with black façades blends harmoniously into the lush green landscape. floating in the middle of the Tasman Sea. With the house only accessible on foot, guests are encouraged to slow down the moment they arrive. The car park can be reached by car or helicopter. ‘Dovecote’ was a project by the Sydney-based architecture studio Andy Carson. The team created the passive house using recycled materials that will develop a patina over time: black aluminium, local eucalyptus, stone, copper and brass. The spectacular building was initially designed as a private hideaway for a wealthy Australian and his family but can now be rented as a holiday home for up to eight people. It’s also booked with at least equal frequency as a location for advertising and editorial shoots a bona fide film star! BORA MAGAZINE 73


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