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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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conventional household ovens and cooks food faster too”, reveals Josef Hintner. “This is made possible, despite the low temperatures, by the optimum heat transfer.” The BORA X BO combines the humidity required for cooking and the clouds of steam generated to this end with a high air speed. This evenly envelops the food in the steam, which can penetrate it on all shelf levels. As always with BORA, the BORA X BO was developed on the basis of intensive market research. The practical tests on prototypes played an important part in the process. These even involved the use of eye tracking equipment to precisely record users’ eye movements. “We asked our testers to complete specific tasks entirely unprepared”, explains Josef Hintner. “This gave us meaningful data, such as how exactly a tester went about a task.” The market research also determined which innovations were particularly popular with BORA customers. For instance, many amateur chefs reported that the BORA X BO’s self-cleaning function was a dream come true. The automatic cleaning function was one of the features incorporated into the design based on the professional kitchens produced by development partner MKN. It saves users time by eliminating the need to clean and wipe the appliance. In addition to offering multiple practical benefits, the BORA X BO is a visual triumph. With its black frame and minimalist design, the appliance is like a work of art in any kitchen. “The BORA X BO has once again raised the bar for design”, summarises CEO Willi Bruckbauer, who believes that his desire to create a new product with a wow factor has been more than fulfilled. 60 BORA MAGAZINE

MAKING OF BORA X BO EXPERIENCE 3 questions for Peter Helm Head of Innovation and Digitalisation at MKN Premium Professional Cooking Technology What do you regard as the key benefits of a combi steamer? Combi steamers can be used to cook anything you like. The temperature, air speed and humidity are all fully controlled, so you can prepare dishes with a high level of automation. Whether baking, roasting, frying, sous-vide cooking or slow cooking, the level of control makes it easy to achieve perfect results every time. Why does the BORA X BO only go up to 230 degrees? Due to the extremely intensive heat transfer, which is two to three times greater than with conventional steam ovens. That makes lower temperatures both possible and necessary. MKN and BORA jointly developed the innovative BORA X BO. How was your first experience of working with BORA? I found BORA to be an impressive and inspirational innovator in the household appliance sector. What’s more, like MKN, BORA is an independent, mediumsized company with fast decision-making processes. That kept things simple and made for a constructive working relationship. Above: When developing the BORA X BO, a prototype was used to conduct usability tests in order to optimise the controls and user friendliness. Right: The BORA X BO flex oven was designed to meet three requirements: an optimised user experience, extraordinary design and premium performance. BORA MAGAZINE 61


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