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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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The display with its

The display with its clear iconography, the black frame and the black panel effect as well as the minimalistic design come together to make the BORA X BO a visual highlight in any kitchen.

MAKING OF BORA X BO EXPERIENCE The art of PERFECTION How we developed the professional steam oven for your home. Text MARTIN FRAAS Ever since day one, steam has been a key topic for company founder Willi Bruckbauer. Together with his team of developers, he gave careful thought to the next logical step in the kitchen revolution. The aim was to expand the portfolio to include a further cult appliance. BORA wanted to redesign the steam oven from scratch. The requirements were clearly defined. As is always the case with BORA, the appliance had to be intuitive to use. It also had to raise the bar for design and functionality. “Here at BORA, we always try to think outside the box and check out existing solutions on the market so as to differentiate ourselves”, says Josef Hintner, Head of Product Management. This led to BORA’s choice of the German company MKN as its development partner. Based in Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony, the specialist in premium professional cooking technology is a leading manufacturer of ‘combi steamers’, multifunctional appliances that deliver top results in commercial kitchens. “We believed that it was only logical to combine our expertise in the household appliances sector with that of a specialist from the commercial world to achieve our aim of introducing professional technology to private kitchens”, states Josef Hintner. The development partner’s extensive technical experience gave BORA an excellent starting point from which to design the perfect steam oven. “The combi steamers that MKN develops for the commercial market work in a completely different way to conventional household appliances”, says Josef Hintner. “They are highly automated and extremely powerful. Making this approach, professional performance and functionality easily accessible, even to domestic users who are not as well-versed in cooking, was particularly exciting.” The BORA development team’s extensive experience with steam played an important part in perfecting the professional cooking technology. The oven’s interior, many innovative functions and aesthetics all bear BORA’s designoriented signature. The result is the high-end BORA X BO steam oven, which was launched in 2021 and set a completely new standard in this segment. The multi-talented appliance is marketed under the motto ‘The new comfort of cooking’. And quite rightly so as the BORA X BO makes cooking at home in a steam oven easier than ever. Users simply specify their wishes and the BORA X BO does the rest. This is as amazing as it sounds. The innovation aimed to dispense with levers, buttons and unnecessary gizmos. A large touch display makes it easier to control the functions and is as intuitive to use as a smartphone. To simplify cooking and deliver perfect results, the new oven was designed to offer a whole range of pre-set programmes and additional features such as bursts of steam and moisture extraction. The main challenge when developing the BORA X BO was adopting the functions and performance found in the catering sector, e.g. rapid heating to 200 degrees in less than four minutes, and integrating them into a household appliance. “The BORA X BO pre-heats far quicker than BORA MAGAZINE 59


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