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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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PRODUCT WORLD BORA SYSTEM Exhaust air or recirculation? The innovative cooktop extractor systems remove odours as soon as they arise, ensuring a kitchen full of fresh air. The excellent insulating properties of the BORA wall sleeve guarantee a pleasant indoor climate without heat loss. BORA Ecotube duct system with improved aerodynamics for greater efficiency and peace and quiet while cooking. Compact BORA shallow silencer for quieter cooking. Exhaust system With the BORA exhaust system, the fan channels cooking vapours straight outside through the BORA Ecotube duct system and the BORA 3box wall sleeve. This removes all vapours and odours from the cooking area. As, unlike conventional extractor hoods, all BORA systems use intelligent flow technology rather than a high flow volume, less warm inside air is expelled from the house, thereby saving energy. Quiet, energy-efficient BORA plinth fan. Exhaust air installation example: BORA Classic 2.0 CKA2 (same principle for all BORA systems) 56 BORA MAGAZINE

BORA SYSTEM PRODUCT WORLD Recirculation system The BORA recirculation system is the alternative solution to exhaustair variants. The fan feeds the cooking vapours into the specially developed recirculation filters, which effectively eliminate odours from the kitchen exhaust air. As such, the BORA recirculation system keeps the kitchen full of fresh air. Thanks to the recirculation systems keeping the warm air in the house, they are ideal for passive houses as well as low and nearly zero-energy buildings. Compact BORA shallow silencer for quieter cooking. The BORA air cleaning box effectively neutralises unpleasant odours, ensuring a kitchen full of fresh air. Quiet, energy-efficient BORA plinth fan. Recirculation: BORA Classic 2.0 CKA2 installation example (same principle for all modular BORA systems) Check out our video to see how our systems work. BORA MAGAZINE 57


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