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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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PRODUCT WORLD CUSTOMER CARE Where does the extracted air go? All BORA systems can be set up as exhaust air or recirculation versions. With the former, the fan channels cooking vapours straight outside through the BORA Ecotube duct system and the wall sleeve, removing all vapours and odours from the room. In the case of the recirculation version, the fan directs the cooking vapours into the specially developed recirculation filter, which effectively eliminates odours. The purified air is recirculated into the room via the plinth area. What needs to be considered with regard to the touch control? The touch control on BORA cooktop extractor systems features a large range of commands in a very small space. Properly using the touch control makes the appliances far easier to operate. Flattening your finger too much can touch additional buttons so the cooktop can’t tell which function has been selected. Our systems respond best if you lightly and precisely tap the touch panel while keeping your finger as vertical as possible. What is the difference between an induction stove and one with radiant heating elements? Both our induction stoves and our stoves with radiant heating technology come with ceramic cooktops. The cooktop of a radiant stove is heated by heating coils, which then heat the pans. The temperature can be set in intervals. In the case of freely adjustable stoves, the heating performance is not constant, but rather fluctuates around the selected base value. With an induction stove, an electromagnetic field generates electric eddy currents in the pan, heating it up. The heating performance can be set in finely graduated intervals. When switched on, the energy instantly takes effect on the pan. If the energy supply is switched off, all that remains is the pan’s residual heat. This means that an induction stove works quicker than a radiant one with the same level of power. 54 BORA MAGAZINE

CUSTOMER CARE PRODUCT WORLD Ask the BORA Chef Do you have a question or want some advice from a pro? Our chef Iva can help. Do BORA products also work with deeper pans? Even with pan depths of up to 20 cm, cooking vapours are extracted without any difficulty. For pan depths greater than this, we recommend placing the lid at an angle to direct the vapours towards the extractor. How often does the filter need to be changed? This depends on the BORA product. The activated charcoal filters in the BORA Basic, X Pure, Pure and S Pure need to be changed after about 150 hours of use, whereas those in the BORA Professional and Classic 2.0 should be changed after 300 or 600 hours depending on the filter. These recommended intervals should be observed, as once a filter has become saturated it will be unable to bind any more odour molecules. And what is your ultimate tip? Our customers can register on our website within the first 24 months of installing a BORA system and extend the standard warranty period from two to three years completely free of charge. You can find the link on the sticker on the cooktop extractor or on the product insert. Once you’ve registered, we will be able to see all service-related information, enabling us to help you quickly and easily if need be. BORA MAGAZINE 55


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