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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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BORA Basic A combined cooktop and extractor system.

BORA BASIC PRODUCT WORLD Optimum ease of use, extremely quiet functionality, compact size and a unique design. BORA Basic is an innovative unit comprising a high-performance cooktop and an effective extractor. The key features include the Hyper cooking zone with radiant heating elements that can boost performance by up to 50 percent when using the power setting. Sophisticated technology, quick installation Thanks to the central operating panel and optimum assignment of the cooking zones, there is always room to cook with four pans measuring up to 24 cm at the same time. The system also offers a practical heat retention function, which keeps the temperature at a constant 75°C, and a child lock, which prevents the cooktop from being switched on accidentally. BORA Basic supports the kitchen’s role as a social space by offering an extremely quiet extractor, even at high power levels. This is made possible by the optimum airflow and the use of a twin fan system. Like all BORA cooktop extractor systems, the BORA Basic is also optimised for quick and error-free installation. Maximum performance in the smallest space BORA Basic provides far more space in the kitchen. The low installation height of less than BORA MAGAZINE 49


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