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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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PRODUCT WORLD BORA PURE Highly intuitive state-of-the-art technology The system is operated using the sControl operating panel with its intuitive vertical touch slider. All key functions are at the user’s fingertips whenever they are needed. And thanks to the clever, central positioning of the operating panel, which is virtually invisible in standby mode, no space is wasted on the cooktop so four pans measuring up to 24 cm in diameter can all fit at the same time. These are heated by state-of-the-art induction technology. After cooking, the air inlet nozzle, grease filter and drip tray can be removed in just a few simple steps and cleaned in a dishwasher, where they take up very little space thanks to their compact design. 40 BORA MAGAZINE

BORA PURE PRODUCT WORLD Augmented reality: enjoy a virtual BORA Pure experience at home. Above: With BORA Pure, the cooktop and extractor are completely flush-mounted, allowing for discreet, elegant integration into the kitchen. Left: The activated charcoal filter can be easily replaced from the top through the air inlet opening without having to remove any drawers or plinths. Right: The multi-coloured range of air inlet nozzles gives BORA Pure a special and individual look.


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