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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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BORA Pure A class of its own.

BORA PURE PRODUCT WORLD BORA Pure a trademark of your kitchen. The name says it all. BORA Pure stands for puristic, simple, minimalist design. A true design highlight, it will blend in perfectly with your kitchen. The customisable design of BORA Pure allows you to add your own personal touches by tailoring the air inlet nozzle to your desired colour scheme. With seven different colours to choose from (greige, sunshine yellow, orange, red, jade green, blue or light grey), you are sure to find one to fit your requirements. And if you ever want to change your kitchen’s colour scheme, you can replace the air inlet nozzle with a different-coloured one in the blink of an eye. A compact size for small kitchens BORA Pure won’t just win you over with its appearance, but with its functionality too. For example, if the automatic extractor function is enabled, the power level automatically adjusts to current cooking conditions. Manual adjustment is naturally still possible but no longer a must. This enables you to fully focus on your true passion preparing delicious meals. Thanks to BORA MAGAZINE 37


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