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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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BORA X Pure Pure perfection.

BORA X PURE PRODUCT WORLD The BORA X Pure system is setting new standards. Maximum functionality with a distinctive design. The BORA X Pure impresses with qualities that once again exceed those of all previous high-end BORA solutions. The defining features include the extra-wide cooktop (830 mm) and the striking air inlet nozzle, which makes an impressive visual style statement and already has a broad fan base. As is standard with BORA products, the surface induction cooktop enables maximum flexibility when positioning cookware. This releases users from design-related limitations when cooking. Oversized surface induction cooking zones make it possible to fully and evenly heat up even very large pans, roasters or the new BORA grill pan. Extremely low volume The kitchen is the place where family and friends meet, chat, have fun and cook together. This makes the low volume of BORA X Pure all the more delightful. Even on high power levels, conversations can still be easily held right by the cooktop without any interference thanks to the BORA engineers’ use of an optimum airflow and a quiet fan. BORA MAGAZINE 31


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