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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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PRODUCT WORLD BORA CLASSIC 2.0 Quick and simple cleaning The cooktop surface is extremely easy to clean as the join-free design and lack of unnecessary edges prevent dirt from gathering. If anything is spilt while cooking, the integrated drip tray safely catches both solids and liquids. When cleaning the cooktop you can also simply activate the cleaning lock. This locks the operating panel for ten seconds, preventing accidental changes to your settings. Designed for convenience: after cooking you can simply remove and clean the parts that have been in contact with cooking vapours. All parts are dishwasher safe. Intuitive, innovative and inspiring. The BORA Classic 2.0 modular system is intuitive, innovative and inspirational.

Left: In addition to induction and radiant cooktops, BORA Classic 2.0 is also available with a Tepan stainless steel grill or a gas glass ceramic cooktop. Above: A system for all household sizes: the number of BORA Classic 2.0 modules can be tailored to requirements. A second extractor is needed when using more than two cooktops. BORA MAGAZINE 29


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