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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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PRODUCT WORLD BORA CLASSIC 2.0 Above: The number and type of cooktops can be easily tailored to your personal cooking preferences. Left: The BORA Classic 2.0 uses a modern fan. This makes the extractor nice and quiet even on high power. Precise temperature control A heating circuit with an on/off function is located between the cooking zones to make the HiLight roaster cooktop incredibly flexible by allowing two cooking zones to be linked to form a single XXL roaster zone. And if you opt for the Tepan stainless steel grill, you only need to wait five minutes for the appliance to heat up to a precise 250°C for a perfect grilling experience. But that’s not all: the high-performance gas cooktop makes cooking with gas extremely enjoyable too. The art of cooking meets sophisticated technology It goes without saying that the pièce de résistance of the BORA Classic 2.0 is the BORA cooktop extractor, which has been even further refined and improved. Thanks to the automatic extractor control, which adjusts to the current cooktop usage, manual adjustment is still possible at any time but no longer a must. This leaves your hands free to stir and flip your culinary creations, which are always clearly visible rather than hidden under a cloud of rising steam. With a modern fan and optimum airflow, the cooktop extractor in the BORA Classic 2.0 is so quiet that it won’t disturb your conversations.

BORA CLASSIC 2.0 PRODUCT WORLD Minimalist design BORA has always been synonymous with innovative product design. As such, special attention was naturally paid to BORA Classic 2.0’s appearance. The puristic, minimalist look blends in perfectly with your kitchen design and doesn’t distract from the main players in the kitchen, i.e. the pots, pans and you. BORA Classic 2.0 can be surface or flush-mounted in any kind of worktop with the aid of a special inlay frame. The perfect lines allow discreet and smart integration into any modern kitchen. The operating unit is practically invisible in standby mode and scaled down to the essentials during operation through the use of intelligent lighting. What’s more, with its minimalist design, the BORA Classic 2.0 fits perfectly into any kitchen. BORA MAGAZINE 27


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