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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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BORA Classic 2.0 Unlimited freedom.

BORA CLASSIC 2.0 PRODUCT WORLD No compromises, no limits. BORA Classic 2.0 stands for unlimited freedom in your kitchen. Maximum individuality for a unique cooking experience at home. This was the guiding principle behind the development of the BORA Classic 2.0. The result is a cooktop extractor system that has been well thought out down to the very last detail. The innovative sControl+ operating panel with a smooth hollow enables precise and intuitive operation. All functions are quite literally at your fingertips: with a simple swipe or tap. Modular system for greater enjoyment when cooking The operating panel’s central position on the extractor preserves maximum space on the cooktops. Two induction cooktops offer enough room, for example, for up to four 24 cm pots. Oversized surface induction cooking zones make it possible to fully and evenly heat up even very large pans or roasters. You can mix and match the cooktops and extractor systems in line with your precise cooking needs. This means that you can combine one, two or even more cooktops. When using more than three cooktops, a second extractor is needed. BORA MAGAZINE 25


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