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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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Intelligent software: a

Intelligent software: a separate menu also prevents features like the timer and automatic heat-up function from being accidentally activated while cooking. Simple, convenient and intuitive The decades of experience of the market leader for cooktop extractor systems shine through in every last detail of the ingenious control options. The combination of classic knobs and a touch-sensitive surface with a high-definition LED display enables simple and precise system control. All functions are conveniently and intuitively activated by turning the knobs or tapping the touch surface. The principle of optimised simplicity also applies to the central control elements such as the child lock or pause function. These can be quickly and efficiently activated and deactivated for the entire system using the extractor’s middle control knob. The system has been thoroughly perfected: if automatic extraction is enabled, it detects the selected heat setting and automatically adjusts the extractor’s intensity. No manual adjustment is required, so you can focus all of your attention on your cooking. Mix and match The modular system by BORA offers a wide range of cooktops from surface induction to gas, wok or the Tepan stainless steel grill, all of which can be freely combined with the extraction system. Even combinations of one, two or more cooktops are possible. A second extractor is recommended when using more than two cooktops. The extradeep 54 cm cooktops are revolutionary and provide more room for cooking. This means that two large pans can be easily placed one behind the other. The particularly large surface induction cooking zones enable you to fully and evenly heat up even very large pans or roasters. 20 BORA MAGAZINE

BORA PROFESSIONAL 3.0 PRODUCT WORLD Left: With the ability to mix and match Tepan, gas and wok cooktops, the modular BORA Professional 3.0 system adapts to your design requirements and cooking preferences. Combine different cooktops or even two identical ones. Right: The combination of a classic knob and a black glass surface with a clear LED display enables perfect control. Below: BORA impresses with brand-new options for kitchens that raise the bar for new, modern interior design. Sockets can be added to all BORA cooktops


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