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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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BORA Professional 3.0 Revolution evolved.

BORA PROFESSIONAL 3.0 PRODUCT WORLD Optimised design, intuitive controls, maximum effectiveness and outstanding convenience. The innovative system BORA Professional 3.0 combines pioneering aesthetics with maximum efficiency and optimum ease of use. The optimised design with control knobs on the front edge of the worktop is visually striking. Accomplished design language meets the highest standards with regard to materials and technology. The visual highlights include not only the centrally positioned cooktop extractor but also the newly designed control knobs with black glass fronts. White, rectilinear LED displays round off the modern, avant-garde look. The optimisation of the removable stainless steel ring and display area not only visually enhances the knob but also makes the touch surface larger and easier to use. The cooktop system’s high-end nature is emphasised by the perfected ease of use: the lack of zero mark enables the cooktop to be intuitively operated by simply turning the knob. A clockwise turn increases the performance until reaching the power setting. An anti-clockwise turn reduces it to 0. Even if turned too far anticlockwise, the power remains at 0 and the cooking zone remains off. BORA MAGAZINE 19


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