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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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PRODUCT WORLD BORA X BO use the optimum temperature, cooking time and amount of steam for the respective food types or dishes (for four portions). With certain programmes, a controller can be used to customise the suggested settings for the degree of browning and done level (e.g. hard/al-dente/ soft). The programmes can also be modified and saved under a new name. Best materials and iconic design As with all BORA products, particular attention was paid to the design. The black frame and minimalist exterior make the BORA X BO a work of art. The display uses impressively clear iconography and integrates seamlessly into the attractive overall look, which is further enhanced by the stylish stainless steel oven chamber. The BORA X BO comes with a universal tray that helps you achieve perfectly cooked dishes every time. Its aluminium core is coated with a ceramic layer and a high-quality non-stick cooking surface, as you would expect to find in the professional sector. Best of all, the steam oven makes every chef’s dream come true: with the BORA X BO’s cleaning programme, there’s no need to wipe over the oven cavity as the two-chamber cartridge leaves it sparklingly clean and removes any limescale. Above: Cook perfect fried potatoes and co. every time with the BORA X BO’s automatic programmes. Below: The cleaning programme thoroughly cleans and descales the oven chamber with hot steam and the environmentally friendly active ingredients in the two-chamber cartridge. Augmented reality: enjoy a virtual BORA X BO experience at home. 16 BORA MAGAZINE

The ideal complement: the innovative BORA multi-drawer. The innovative BORA multi-drawer is the perfect way to compliment the BORA X BO flex oven. The flush, handleless drawer front made from premium materials such as glass and stainless steel can be easily opened with a gentle press. The pre-sets and spacious interior make the multi-talented product highly versatile: you can use it to warm crockery, cook at low temperatures, regenerate or defrost food, or simply to keep meals warm. The temperature and time settings are manually controlled. The multi-drawer comes in two sizes: 140 and 290 mm. With the deeper version of the BORA multi-drawer, you can even use two different levels, and the shelf rack can be simply and conveniently cleaned in a dishwasher. Thanks to BORA Connect, the multi-drawer can be networked with the BORA X BO and operated using its display. As such, the multi-drawer provides an added guarantee of perfect results even when conjuring up demanding meals! Warming crockery 60°C | 1 h Keeping food warm 70°C | 3 h Defrosting food 30°C | 4 h Reheating food 100°C | 1 h Low-temperature cooking 80°C | 30 min 6 h BORA Connect Connectivity multi-drawer BORA MAGAZINE 17


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