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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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PRODUCT WORLD BORA X BO door is opened by drawing the steam backwards beforehand. And you won’t even smell a thing as the activated charcoal filter absorbs all odours, including intensive ones like fish. If you leave the door in the same position after it has been opened, it will automatically close again after a specific interval protecting the food and saving energy. And if you want to intentionally let odours fill the room, for example when baking cakes, you can reduce the amount of steam extracted as desired. Simple and intuitive operation Operating the steam oven is a piece of cake thanks to a high-resolution 19-inch touch display, which conveniently responds to a tap or swipe of your fingertips, just like a smartphone. Numerous pre-set programmes and an intuitive 14 BORA MAGAZINE

BORA X BO PRODUCT WORLD Left: Aesthetically appealing design has always been an important criterion for BORA. A black inlay frame and the stainless steel oven chamber help create the BORA X BO’s unmistakable look. Below: The huge, beautifully minimalistic touch display on the front can simply be lifted up to change the filter or to make it easier to use at a lower working height. Experience the impressive performance of the BORA X BO in our video. user navigation make cooking a real pleasure. In addition to choosing between manual cooking and automatic programmes, you can also use special functions that make many everyday processes easier, such as defrosting food or melting chocolate. Another practical feature of the steam oven is that cooked dishes can be kept warm. With an infinitely adjustable range of 40°C to 72°C, the perfect temperature can be selected for all dishes, stopping food from drying out or continuing to cook. The ideal oven chamber humidity is pre-set depending on whether the dish should remain succulent or crispy! Perfect dishes at the push of a button The BORA X BO uses pre-set programmes to make cooking easier. The automatic programmes BORA MAGAZINE 15


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