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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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BORA X BO The professional steam oven for your home.

BORA X BO PRODUCT WORLD Odour-free steam baking to perfection. Whether you want crispy roasts, delicious vegetables or light and airy, golden croissants: thanks to its gentle, uniform steam production and optimum heat distribution, the BORA X BO flex oven delivers perfect cooking results even when rustling up three fully loaded trays at once! The BORA X BO steam oven is a sensational new product for private users, inspired by the set-ups found in high-end commercial kitchens. Developed in cooperation with global market leaders, this professional appliance complements our BORA cooktop extractor systems and offers perfect home cooking experiences. The BORA X BO combines the functions of two kitchen appliances: it is a steamer and oven in one. Food is cooked by a mixture of hot air and steam. By combining innovative, professional-standard steaming technology with intuitive controls, meals can be prepared uniquely, more healthily and, most importantly, quickly and easily. The BORA X BO can not only bake, roast and hot air grill, but also, and above all, gently steam food by surrounding it with water vapour to help retain its fresh taste as well as valuable vitamins and minerals. The automatic steam extraction feature coupled with the innovative vapour box prevents a blast of hot steam from hitting you in the face and escaping into the room when the BORA MAGAZINE 13


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