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BORA Magazine 01|2023 – English

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EXPERIENCE HISTORY BORA history DEVELOPMENT OF THE INITIAL PROTOTYPES Founder Willi Bruckbauer’s vision of the end of the extractor hood takes shape. 2005 2007 ESTABLISHMENT OF BORA LÜFTUNGSTECHNIK GMBH Cooktop extractor systems that draw vapours downwards through the use of patented technology have been successfully developed ever since. 2010 START OF INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION BORA products are now available in 60 countries. 2012 RECEIPT OF THE DEUTSCHER GRÜNDERPREIS (GERMAN ENTREPRENEURS’ AWARD) BORA wins the Deutscher Gründerpreis in the ‘StartUp’ category. LAUNCH OF BORA BASIC AS A COMPACT SYSTEM The modular systems are complemented by compact systems in standard dimensions. 2013 2015 BORA IN THE AIR A unique experience: since 2015, BORA products have been presented live in the BORA glass cube and food has been prepared 30 metres up in the air. Experience and enjoy BORA throughout Europe with breathtaking and clear views. 10 BORA MAGAZINE

HISTORY EXPERIENCE THE BEST OF THE BEST, EVEN AT CYCLING After just two years, the main sponsor BORA accompanies the BORA hansgrohe team to the UCI WorldTour, the premier league of the professional cycling world. 2017 2020 OPENING OF A FLAGSHIP STORE IN MUNICH BORA creates an extraordinary presentation and event area spanning 160 m² in the heart of Munich. 2018 2021 Photos: Ronny Kiaulehn,, Josi Unterhauser MOVE INTO THE BORA COMPANY BUILDING IN NIEDERNDORF, AUSTRIA The architectural design reflects the company’s values. LAUNCH OF THE BORA X BO STEAM OVEN The development of the BORA X BO adds a new category to the product range with the aim of revolutionising the kitchen as a living space with extraordinary products for extraordinary experiences.


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