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BORA Magazine 01|2021 – English

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PROFILE EXPERIENCE “ You have to do your own THING!” Peter Sagan has been riding for the BORA hansgrohe team since 2017. With great success. The 31-year-old cycling star has some extra-special plans for the season ahead. A conversation about mental strength and his cooking talent. You’re often called the “rock star of cycling”. How does that make you feel? Well, I’m a cyclist not a musician, and I don’t feel like a rock star. But this nickname also reflects how much people appreciate my achievements, so that means it’s fine by me. At the end of the day, all I want to do is compete in races and, if possible, win them. And the fact that aside from cycling I don’t take everything deadly seriously certainly helps me. At the same time, I have to lead a much more disciplined life than a rock star! The explosive propulsion of your sprints is really impressive. What do you consider to be your other strengths? I’d say that I’m able to concentrate well just at the right time. And I love my job. Most people spend their working day sitting in offices and can only do sport before or after work, whereas I get to do my favourite sport during my work time. What could be better than that? BORA MAGAZINE 75

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