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BORA Magazine 01|2021 – English

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BORA SYSTEM PRODUCT “We know every screw” From master carpenter to kitchen revolutionary: BORA founder Willi Bruckbauer tells us what made his business idea so successful despite initial opposition. When you first established BORA in 2007, no-one could have imagined that the downdraft extractor could become a success story. Yes, I was very much on my own back then. The banks wouldn’t loan me any money as they didn’t see there being any market opportunities. And even kitchen manufacturers rejected the concept. But I still believed firmly in my idea. What made you so optimistic? As a seventh generation master carpenter specialising in kitchens and a passionate amateur cook, I had plenty of practical experience. I’d always made a huge effort to design kitchens that were a bit different. I found both the design and perfect functionality extremely important. My vision was for people to be able to cook while looking out of a window, for example, without having anything sticking out in front of their head. I felt that the time had come for a downdraft extractor. And customers wanted this solution too. You are known for having a clear motto in life. That’s right. Be different to all others. And that’s precisely what shaped my intentions for the extractor. I wanted to radically redesign a traditional technical solution that has significant disadvantages. What were your requirements for the BORA systems? In short: no compromises! I wanted to offer premium quality from the outset. And it remained that way. BORA uses the best materials and offers perfect workmanship, outstanding efficiency with peak performance and extremely low noise levels. I also place the highest demands on aesthetic factors. BORA MAGAZINE 53


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