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BORA Magazine 01|2021 – English

BORA Magazine is published in 12 languages. It invites the reader to learn more about the BORA products and discover fascinating stories behind the brand.


CONTENTS BORA products THE BORA PRINCIPLE 6 Innovation not imitation. We develop new ideas that improve lives. BORA ADVANTAGES 8 Based on innovative ideas, we provide effective solutions that are carefully thought out. OUR ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS 12 The most frequently asked questions about BORA. 8 30 BORA PROFESSIONAL 3.0 14 Optimised aesthetics, intuitive controls, maximum effectiveness and convenience. BORA CLASSIC 2.0 22 The evolved version of the well-established, award-winning Classic system. Marked by a purist and highly aesthetic appearance. BORA X PURE 30 The system is setting new standards. It combines maximum functionality with a distinctive design. BORA PURE 38 A class of its own a combination of minimalist design and state-of-the-art technology. BORA BASIC 46 The revolution: cooktop and extractor in a single product, suitable for any kitchen. 14

BORA system INTERVIEW 52 BORA founder Willi Bruckbauer on the idea, the system and what makes it so successful. BORA SYSTEM 56 With elements that can be used universally, the BORA system offers optimum performance down to the finest details. BORA WARRANTY 58 As proof of our confi dence in our products, we offer all customers an extended warranty regardless of which system they have chosen. 58 ANNA JONES 70 An interview with the author and food stylist on cooking trends and the importance of seasonal cuisine. PETER SAGAN 74 He is considered the rock star of cycling. In the interview the 31 year old reveals what drives him on and what he does to relax. EDITORIAL 2 BORA AWARDS 78 IMPRINT 78 60 Photos: Anna Rose, Gerhard Kassner BORA experience BARBECUE EVERY DAY 60 The BORA Tepan stainless steel grill makes dreams come true. HOLLYWOOD AT THE HOB 66 The celebrated actor Stanley Tucci is also a passionate amateur chef and cookbook author. 66 BORA MAGAZINE 5


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