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BORA Magazine 01|2021 – English

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PRODUCT BORA PROFESSIONAL 3.0 BORA Professional 3.0 optimised design, intuitive controls, maximum effectiveness and ease of use. The innovative system BORA Professional 3.0 combines pioneering aesthetics with maximum efficiency and ease of use. Its impressive optimised design is a real eye-catcher. Accomplished design language meets the highest standards with regard to materials and technology. Visual highlights are the extractor and the newly designed control knobs with black glass fronts, which give the control knobs an elegantly minimalistic appearance when off. White, rectilinear LED displays round off the modern, avant-garde look. The optimisation of the removable stainless steel ring and display area not only visually enhances the knob but also makes the touch-operated area larger and easier to use. The system’s classification as a high-end product is emphasised by the perfected controls. The elimination of the zero mark makes it possible for the cooktop to be operated intuitively by simply turning the knob. Turning the knob to the right increases the power level up to the power setting. A turn to the left lowers it to 0. Even if turned too far to the left, the power remains at 0 and the cooking zone remains off. In addition, a separate menu prevents functions like the timer and automatic heat-up function from being accidentally activated while cooking. Right: BORA Professional 3.0 offers various composition options from surface induction to Tepan, gas and even a wok cooktop. Combine different cooktops or two of the same. 16 BORA MAGAZINE

The combination of classic control knobs and a touch-sensitive surface with a high-definition display makes the system extremely accurate and easy to use. All functions are conveniently and intuitively activated by turning the knob and tapping the central touch-operated surface. Every detail shows that the well-thought-out controls are the result of decades of experience of this market leader in the cooktop extractor system sector. The principle of optimised simplicity is also the basis for the design of central controls such as the childproofing feature or the pause function. They can be quickly and easily activated and deactivated for the entire system using the extractor control knob. The automatic extractor controls have also been perfected enabling the intelligent detection and adjustment to the corresponding cooktop. Left: Impressive brand new options for kitchens from BORA set the standards for a new, modern interior design. Right: The combination of a classic knob and a surface with a razor-sharp LED display enables perfect control.


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