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BORA Magazine 01|2021 – English

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PRODUCT ADVANTAGES ? ! Our answers to your questions What happens if liquid gets into the cooktop extractor? Don’t worry, nothing happens because, depending on the system, the cooktop extractor can hold up to 300 ml of liquid. If a larger amount is spilled by accident, this isn’t a problem either as the clear separation between the electronics and extractor system prevents any risk of damage. BORA Basic and BORA Pure can also hold larger amounts of up to 3 litres. The liquid can simply be wiped up with a cloth and the extractor can be cleaned by removing the housing base. What does a BORA extractor system cost? Our BORA systems can be customised. For price information and a personal quotation, please contact a BORA partner near you. How is the BORA cooktop extractor cleaned? The grease filter and covers can be removed in a few simple steps and cleaned in a dishwasher. 12 BORA MAGAZINE

ADVANTAGES PRODUCT Do BORA products really extract all odours? All cooking vapours, condensing grease and associated odours are suctioned away precisely where they arise at the cooktop. Cooks can breathe in fresh air and their clothes and hair remain equally fresh and unaffected by the cooking vapours. Do BORA products also work with deeper pans? Even with pan depths of up to 20 cm, cooking vapours are suctioned away without any difficulty. For pan depths of 21 cm or more, we recommend placing the pan lid at an angle in order to direct the vapours towards the extractor. Where does the extracted air go? All BORA systems can be set up as exhaust air or recirculation systems. With the exhaust system, the fan channels cooking vapours straight outside through the BORA Ecotube duct system and the wall sleeve. This removes all vapours and odours from the room. In the case of the recirculation model, the fan directs the cooking vapours into the specially developed recirculation filter, which effectively eliminates odours. The purified air is recirculated into the room via the plinth area. BORA MAGAZINE 13


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