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BORA Magazine 01|2020 – English

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EXPERIENCE PROFILE “Nature provides everything that humans need. Our body wants to eat according to the season.” STANLEY TUCCI London for longer periods of time, where he now lives with his family, he himself does the cooking. “I always cook the dinner in our kitchen at home.” It was his passion for Italian cooking that led Stanley to write a cookbook together with his cousin over twenty years ago. The bestseller is called The Tucci Table and its subtitle tells us what it’s all about: Cooking with Family and Friends. Cooking, people and enjoyment three essential elements for an acknowledged foodie. Elements that can sometimes even be combined with his real job: for the film Julie & Julia, about the ’60s American TV chef, he not only trained in a New York restaurant where he learned to cook dishes like frittata, risotto and gnocchi to a professional standard, but he also met up with starring actress Meryl Streep, whose husband he played in front of the cameras, to cook together before filming. What did they make? “I can still remember it very clearly: it was one of Julia Child’s recipes Blanquette de Veau delicious!” Of course, they didn’t just cook for two, but for a whole table of friends. And who’s the best cook? Him or Meryl Streep? He answers right away, laughing, “Oh, that’s me!” It’s no wonder that this keen amateur chef has a large kitchen with two hobs in his apartment. It has been home to a BORA Professional system with a Tepan grill for several years. “As we have a large open kitchen that’s the central meeting point for the family, it’s like the system is made for us. I didn’t want an extractor hood that got in the way of eye contact and disturbed 68 BORA MAGAZINE

Left: Tucci plays the friendly art director in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and has remained extremely down to earth in real life too. Below: As a passionate amateur chef with Italian roots, the Hollywood star loves to cook and gladly does so in large quantities. The BORA system of his choice for this is the Professional 2.0. Photo: Picture Alliance/Mary Evans Picture Library, Instagram/stanleytucci conversations. When I saw BORA for the first time in the London showroom, I couldn’t believe it and said, “That’s exactly what I want!”” The actor loves cooking with his family at his kitchen island. “I’ve spent so much time cooking with my back to my kids.” On the BORA Tepan grill he not only cooks steaks, but also vegetables: onions, aubergines, courgettes. “Cooking on it is quick and versatile and it’s easy to clean. Fantastic, I’m a real fan.” As a truly passionate cook he not only appreciates the design, but also the oversized cooktops. “They mean I can work with bigger pots.” And from time to time he reaches for the BORA 5 | 5 cookbook with its quick and healthy recipes. “It’s really good.” Tucci attaches great importance to healthy eating and where products come from. Using regional products is just as important to him as seasonal foods are. “Nature provides everything that humans need. Our body wants to eat according to the season. It tells us what we should eat. If we live by that, that’s the healthiest lifestyle.” And it goes hand in hand with a return to the ‘simple’ life. “In the past we all ate according to the time of year, until somebody said, ‘I can deliver strawberries anywhere in the world, 365 days a year.’ But it doesn’t make sense to have everything available around the clock.” That doesn’t mean that the cosmopolitan actor restricts what he chooses to eat. “My wife is British and a wonderful cook. We also eat what her family eat. British sausages, for example. And of course, curries, which are so popular in multicultural London.” After this interview on a Friday evening, Stanley Tucci is heading straight to his kitchen. He’s been given a lobster and is now pondering how to use it. “Maybe we’ll make a risotto with it. Or lobster rolls, or pasta with lobster.” Whatever he cooks, the table is bound to be surrounded by family and friends the ‘Tucci Table’. Follow Stanley on Instagram: stanleytucci BORA MAGAZINE 69

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