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BORA Magazine 01|2020 – English

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The multi-talented DJ

The multi-talented DJ may describe herself as a beginner when it comes to cooking, but the extraordinary and colourful design of the BORA Pure was still a ‘must have’ for her kitchen. 64 BORA MAGAZINE

PROFILE EXPERIENCE “Incidentally, BORA is also a Korean forename. ” PEGGY GOU important to her. Quite the contrary: “You are what you eat”. In Peggy’s case, this is now half European, half Asian. Someone once wrote that she was like a naughty little girl. But we’re sure that’s not true. She is as she says herself very open, but also very conservative. Two worlds in one person. There is one virtue that is important to her, which she sees as closely tied to Korea: respect! At seventeen, she had the word tattooed along the side of her hand in big letters (as her second tattoo). Asked about her drive, she once again surprises us: “I don’t just want to inspire people, I also want to set a good example. I constantly think about how I can be a better person.” It takes courage to be different: “It’s important not to just do what everyone else does.” And how do you relax and recharge during this kind of life? Does Peggy have a reset button? “I love Bali. I like spending New Year there and getting a bit Zen: creative people have to get bored sometimes. All I think about while I’m there is room service and Netflix.” Within less than two hours, the photo shoot is quickly and professionally ticked off in her full diary. She is unstoppable. She heads back out in her shiny silver outfit and flies down the avenues of the capital. Her next stop today: the boxing studio. Then, she’ll be off to the night planets around the globe. Her real name is something else entirely, by the way. But that’s her secret for now. She inspires people around the world with her music: despite her strenuous jetset life, healthy eating is important to Peggy Gou. Follow Peggy on Instagram: peggygou_ Photo, right: Jake Davis/hungryvisuals 65


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