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BORA Magazine 01|2020 – English

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EXPERIENCE PROFILE RESPECT, Peggy! Music, design and success: a meeting with Peggy Gou, the hottest female DJ in the world right now. The sun shines in Berlin-Mitte as a shimmering silver cloak with a huge hood flies through the entrance door. As though wrapped in a foil blanket, gliding in from another planet, sunglasses perched on her hidden nose, Peggy Gou arrives for the BORA interview. And introduces herself in the finest English: “Hi, I am Peggy.” Now, that’s what you call a great entrance and she made it perfectly. The international press raves about the up-andcoming star, with German newspaper ‘Die Zeit’ calling her “One of the most successful DJs on the planet” and the Austrian ‘Standard’ writing about “The new star DJ from South Korea”. And the global online community is no different, with everyone cheering and marvelling. Peggy Gou from Seoul is a shooting star. Her song ‘It Makes You Forget’ was named song of the year 2018 by the Independent Music Awards and shot her to mega-star status among the international hipster crowd. This one signature song alone has over nine million clicks on Spotify and over six million on YouTube. In the global world of Instagram, the DJ has over a million followers. And the BBC has already added the song to the list of ‘30 tracks that shaped dance music over the last 30 years’. Whatever Peggy does, it creates great hype. She is a musician, producer, brand ambassador and now even has her own fashion label. After all, as an influencer, she is celebrated for her style like an icon. For our interview in Berlin, her entourage chilled lots of smoothies. These are not only her favourite drink, but also her way of fuelling her Text KLAUDIA MEINERT Photos ANNA ROSE 60 BORA MAGAZINE

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