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BORA Magazine 01|2020 – English

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PRODUCT BORA X PURE The BORA X Pure system is setting new standards. It combines maximum functionality with a distinctive design. 32 BORA MAGAZINE

Above: The visual highlight of the extra-wide cooktop is the striking high-tech air inlet nozzle. Left: Thanks to the surface induction design, pots, pans and roasters can be positioned with great flexibility. When developing new products, BORA has the unique advantage of access to technology that has been well-established for over a decade and the opportunity to take this to new dimensions. As such, BORA X Pure again impresses with qualities that further optimise all previous high-end BORA solutions. The defining features include the extra-wide cooktop and the striking air inlet nozzle, which makes an impressive visual style statement. As is standard with BORA, the surface induction cooktop enables maximum flexibility when positioning pots and pans. Users can cook without any design-related limitations. The oversized surface induction cooking zones also make it possible to consistently warm through even very large pots or roasters. BORA MAGAZINE 33


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