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BORA Magazine 01|2020 – English

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Willi Bruckbauer looks

Willi Bruckbauer looks to the future with optimism a future in which BORA will set further new standards with numerous innovations. 2 BORA MAGAZINE

EDITORIAL Welcome to the world of BORA! Whenever and wherever in the world I meet enthusiastic BORA fans, I think: it was the right thing to do! We made a good decision over a decade ago when we paved the way for the revolution in the kitchen world with our first prototype. It was a gamble, but it has paid off: we wanted to make kitchens more attractive, and if you listen to the enthusiastic users of our extractors, we have succeeded in doing just that. They praise the functionality, quality and aesthetics. These are the things that more and more people are appreciating as an alternative to traditional hoods. And no, your eyes didn’t deceive you... I just referred to BORA fans. And it’s a term that I use in all seriousness as the enthusiasm that people show when they talk to me and give me feedback and that incentivises me to continue our work is simply incredible. The way in which our brand can captivate consumers from the most different parts of the world is truly fascinating. Many of these are people who simply want to make their kitchen a more attractive living space. You may even know a few of them. Korean DJ Peggy Gou, who is currently causing quite a stir, Stanley Tucci, the London-based American actor with a BORA Professional in his home, Anna Jones, the British star of vegetarian cooking, who has gained a huge foodie following with her cookbooks, columns and blog and is another genuine BORA fan, or Peter Sagan, cycling star from the BORA hansgrohe team, who talks about his passion for cooking in an interview on page 74. Four different people, each special in their own way but with one thing in common: their love of life and cooking with BORA. The world of BORA is becoming ever more international. Our idea is coming to fruition and we would like to express our thanks to our fans worldwide. Your enthusiasm inspires us to develop further innovations. We aim to offer customer satisfaction and live up to everything the BORA brand promises. We work to achieve this with employees around the globe and distribution partners who take our promise of more joy in the kitchen and make it a reality for our customers. Every day. Yours, Willi Bruckbauer BORA MAGAZINE 3


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