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BORA Magazine 01|2019 – English

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BORA Magazine is published in 12 languages. It invites the reader to learn more about the BORA products and discover fascinating stories behind the brand.


EXPERIENCE HOME STORY Right: Hans-Georg and Claus love unusual and classic Italian furniture. ‘We live around the kitchen island.’ CLAUS HÖLZER offer something like that. As they’d developed and perfected the system, they made a reliable impression on us.’ In the end they decided on the BORA Professional system. ‘Some kitchen islands are free-standing in the room but totally closed off underneath,’ says Claus. ‘We didn’t want that. And luckily with BORA that isn’t the case.’ Both of them are more than satisfied with how BORA works. ‘The extractor works even better than we could have wished for,’ Claus adds happily. ‘The livingroom suite that we watch TV on is just two metres away from the cooker. But because there are no odours it doesn’t feel like the living room joins directly on to the kitchen.’ Like their neighbours, Claus and Hans-Georg also love simplicity. Their decorating style is plain, without whistles and bells, straight to the point. In their part of the house the colours aren’t so much warm as bright. For example, deep signal red or fresh green apple on the kitchen surfaces. ‘When people come into the house, they think that everything is new,’ says Hans-Georg. ‘But that isn’t the case. Many of our pieces of 82 BORA MAGAZINE

Left: Bright colours, such as deep signal red, can be found all over the house. Below: The couple love culinary world tours with friends. This means up to eight courses from different countries.


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