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BORA X BO highlights Simple cleaning Is your oven chamber dirty? No problem: with its automatic cleaning programme, your steam oven will soon gleam brightly again without you even having to wipe it dry. Simply twist the cleaning cartridge into the oven rack once cool. This contains environmentally friendly cleaners and descalers for radiant cleanliness. Top performance / Best cooking results As good as it gets: the BORA X BO stands out thanks to its particularly uniform cooking results and its optimum heat distribution. Your meals will come out perfectly, even when you use all three levels at once. For example, if you bake lots of croissants at the same time on three baking trays, they will all turn out equally good! Design Its black frame and minimalist design make the BORA X BO a work of art. The display uses impressively clear iconography and integrates seamlessly into the attractive overall picture, which is also enhanced by the stylish stainless steel oven chamber.

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