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BORA Magazine 01|2020 – English

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EXPERIENCE PROFILE A cook with a difference Anna Jones initially qualified as an economist, but then changed direction to become a successful cook, food writer and blogger. Her cookbook ‘a modern way to eat’ is a bestseller. Our interview in Wimbledon is all about her passion for healthy eating. Anna Jones is easy going. “Perhaps a little hippie-like”, she laughs. Even when busy at the stove, she still chats enthusiastically about what she loves the most: cooking. She is naturally extremely experienced as she has written well over a thousand recipes. With her books published in seven countries and a highly successful weekly column in the Guardian, she is somewhat regarded as the voice of modern vegetarian cuisine. But this wasn’t the road she started out on at all. The Brit studied economics in Southampton and worked in the business sector. At some point, she read an article on how to find your true calling. And a simple test: ‘Where do you flick to first when opening a newspaper?’ To the food section. A flash of inspiration! She attended her first cookery course. “I’d actually always been passionate about cooking. As a child, others played out on the playground whereas I was one of those strange children who didn’t want to go outside. I preferred staying in the kitchen baking biscuits and cakes.” Text KLAUDIA MEINERT Photos ISSY_CROKER 70 BORA MAGAZINE


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BORA Magazine 01|2020 – English

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